What Type of Information Should Be Included in an Eviction Notice?


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At minimum, an eviction notice should contain an explanation of the offense, how much time the receiver has to respond to the notice, the tenant's name and the landlord's name, explains Rocket Lawyer. The letter should be clear on which type of eviction notice the tenant is receiving.

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There are three main types of eviction notices lawyers can issue, notes Nolo Law for All. The first type is a pay rent or quit notice. When issuing a pay rent or quit notice, the landlord should clearly state how many days the tenant has to submit a rent payment before having to move out of the residence. As of June 2015, tenants who receive this type of eviction notice usually have between three and five days to pay their rent.

The second type of eviction notice is a cure or quit notice, as Nolo Law for All explains. This type of notice is similar to a pay rent or quit notice, except the tenant's offense is something other than failure to pay rent. When issuing a pay rent or quit notice, the landlord must explain which rule the tenant is in violation of and how much time he has to correct the violation. For example, if the tenant is in violation of a no-pets clause, he may have a week to remove the pet. The last type of notice is an unconditional quit notice, which requires the tenant to move out without a chance to remedy the offense.

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