What Type of Information Is on a Policy Procedure?

The information that appears on a policy procedure document typically includes a list of instructions or steps to complete a specific task related to the policy, such as how to file for time off as part of a vacation allotment. The exact nature of the steps vary between procedures, as the content of a policy may vary significantly between companies.

A business policy can cover any number of rules or regulations for the methods in which an employee should conduct herself within the workplace, such as compliance with a dress code or the types of websites she may visit on a company computer. It can also appear as the general guidelines for responding to a specific situation.

For example, a retail store may have a return policy that states employees are to attempt all returns on merchandise if the customer has a receipt. In this situation, the employee would turn to the return procedures, which may include specific instructions about how to scan the receipt and check the store's database for a record of the item.

A procedure document typically contains instructions on how to accomplish a specific task, although it may not mention or contain details about the reasons for taking on the task in the first place, keeping the document applicable to multiple situations.