What Type of Information Is Gathered From J.D. Power Surveys?


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J.D. Power surveys collect a wide range of information about consumer demographics, such as age, gender, income level, ethnicity, and home or work location. The surveys also track customer satisfaction with products, including how easy the product is to use and likelihood of the customer recommending it to friends.

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J.D. Power and Associates performs customer research throughout many industries, though the automotive field is among its largest. When a manufacturer contracts the company, it sends out surveys to consumers who have experience with the product to collect information that is then used to improve the product and target key demographics. The surveys take place over the phone or through email, and the survey taker begins by asking the consumer questions about herself. These questions typically focus on age, gender and ethnicity and then transition to more detailed areas such as education level, job type and personal interests.

Next, the survey taker asks the consumer how she feels about the product, both in broad terms and in specific detail. These questions vary depending on the product. For instance, car surveys ask about driving performance, and television surveys ask about picture quality. The survey taker may also ask the customer for general feedback she has for the company and whether she would purchase the product again in the future.

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