What Type of Information Is Found on Employment Hiring Forms?


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In the United States, employment hiring forms usually contain information to ensure that a new employee is eligible to work in the country as well as tax information so that the employer can withhold the correct amount from each payroll check to cover the employee's income tax liability. Often, companies have additional forms that may include direct deposit authorizations or internal forms that are kept on file within the human resources department.

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Two federal forms, the W4 and the I-9, are nearly always required for new hires, as they indicate tax withholding and employment eligibility, respectively. Individual states may also require new hires to fill out specific paperwork, although this varies by state or municipality. Internal forms, which may include enrollment forms for medical insurance, profit sharing plans, or other benefits, can also vary from company to company, depending on the benefits available to new employees.

In some cases, employment forms can also include contracts that restrict the employee (or in some cases, the corporation) from certain behaviors. These forms sometimes include the company's social media policy or agreements prohibiting an employee from sharing company information or securing a job with a competitor after that individual's tenure at the company ends.

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