What Type of Information Does a D&B Business Information Report Provide?


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A Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Report includes a business summary and history, financial statements, credit limit recommendations and a payment history. Reports also provide public record filings and D&B-granted ratings. These reports present a thorough and objective view of a company’s current financial condition and credit rating.

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Individuals and businesses use the information in D&B Business Information Reports to verify the nature of a business and its operations and to review the backgrounds of the owners and key employees. By examining the company's payment history and other financial data, the reviewer can identify financial trends and determine the company's creditworthiness. Such information is especially useful to creditors re-evaluating their relationships with medium- and high-risk accounts.

The reports also contain indicators and ratings that assess the overall strength and financial stability of the company and predict its viability, or the likelihood that it will still be in business a year from the report date. The report also provides a comparison of the company with similar companies in the same industry.

Maintaining a favorable D&B rating is crucial for any firm that borrows money. D&B reports are universally respected as the industry standard against which other reporting companies are measured. A poor rating or downgrade can make it impossible for a company to borrow capital and continue operations.

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