What Type of Information Can You Find With a D&B Number?

The type of information available to those looking up business information with a Data Universal Numbering System number from Dunn & Bradstreet includes proof of business operation, key demographic information, contact information and corporate relationships. The number allows access to specific information regarding physical addresses, ownership, business structure, employee count and industry.

Companies may use a Dunn & Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System number to evaluate one another for business partnerships or to check the competition in a specific industry. The information can help other business owners and potential investors or partners learn more about the company and make informed decisions about contracts or future business options. Access to physical location information and contact details can help others to initiate business with the owners or managers of a company, and the Data Universal Numbering System number may also include information about specific departments or subsidiaries.

All active businesses may apply for a Data Universal Numbering System number directly through Dunn & Bradstreet to allow their information to appear in the Data Universal Numbering System database. This increases exposure for potential investors or business partners, and having a number can help businesses obtain favorable loans or credit lines due to the increased credibility the number affords. Dunn & Bradstreet closes Data Universal Numbering System numbers when the business closes.