What Type of Information Is on Broker Mailing Lists?


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Basic information included on a broker mailing list includes the name of the consumer or business and mailing address. A variety of additional demographic information is included with broker mailing lists, depending on what type of list is ordered.

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Consumer mailing lists tend to include demographic information such as age, gender, type of house the consumer lives in and the value of the home. Additional details might also be available, such as marital status, personal net worth or estimated income. Some broker companies obtain a history of consumer purchases, and listings include a purchase amount range. Broker mailing lists containing business names and contact details often provide users with annual sales numbers for each business. Additional demographic details include type of business and number of employees.

Mailing list brokers also provide consumer mailing list categories such as new mover, new homeowner and mortgage. A unique mailing list is available as a specialty order upon request. List brokers are helpful in finding the right mailing list for a company's needs, and are sometimes able to negotiate lower list rental fees for customers. One method for lowering costs is to ask the broker to set up a net name arrangement deal that offers a discount for ordering a specific amount of name leads.

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