What Type of Health Plans Do Mail Handlers Generally Quality For?


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One of the health plans mail handlers generally qualify for is the Mail Handlers Benefit Plan, according to MHBP. This is available in three options: the MHBP Standard Option, the MHBP Value Plan and the MHBP Consumer Option. It is open to all federal, postal employees and annuitants.

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The MHBP Standard Option offers comprehensive coverage for those whose health care needs are beyond basic, states MHBP. It offers 100 percent coverage for routine services such as wellness screenings, mammograms, cholesterol tests and maternity care, and it has no deductibles for routine care. As of 2015, the costs of primary services are more predictable under it, with copayments ranging from $5 to $20 for services such as office, care center and chiropractic visits. Members do not pay deductibles for generic medications from pharmacies within the network.

The MHBP Value Plan is fit for people who only need coverage for preventive care, occasional visits to the doctor and catastrophic care, says MHBP. The plan covers doctor’s visits, drug prescriptions and unplanned emergency room trips. It has no deductibles, but it may have copayments for specific services, such as primary care doctor’s visits and care clinic visits. Members receive 100 percent coverage for outpatient surgery after a $300 copayment.

The MHBP Consumer Option provides 100 percent preventive care coverage and up to $1,690 tax-free cash deposited in a member’s account to carry forward for future health needs, explains MHBP. Members enjoy low copayments of between $5 to $750 dollars after paying the deductible.

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