What Type of Health Insurance Is Available to Pennsylvania Welfare Recipients?

Medical Assistance, commonly referred to as Medicaid, is available to Pennsylvania welfare recipients. This health insurance program provides coverage for medical and behavioral health care services to low-income or disabled individuals, who receive an ACCESS card from the state as a result, notes FamilyResourceGuide.com.

People who qualify for Medicaid can choose between two health plan options as of 2015: Fee for Service and HealthChoices. The Fee for Service plan enables recipients to select any health care provider and medical facility that is officially recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare as part of Medicaid. HealthChoices, meanwhile, is a managed-care program categorized into physical health and behavioral health managed-care organizations, according to PA.us.

Medicaid welfare beneficiaries receive medical assistance once they are enrolled in a health plan. Some basic benefits provided through HealthChoices as of 2015 include doctor and hospital checkups, pregnancy care, family planning and birth control care for women, dental and vision care, medical equipment, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care, foot care, home health care and medicine coverage including prescription and non-prescription drugs, notes PA.us.

Additional medical services are also offered to Medicaid members with special needs including those with heart conditions, diabetes and asthma. Welfare recipients who are homeless or involved in domestic violence are also covered. The health plan's Special Needs Unit oversees this portion of the Medicaid program.