What Type of Debts Does the EOS CCA Collection Agency Collect?


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The EOS CCA collection agency specializes in collecting receivables debts for various companies, according to the agency's website. The collection agency states that it works with people who owe debt to companies and tries to come to a possible resolution. It offers multiple forms of payment, and many people are given options for how to take care of the debt.

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The EOS CCA works directly with companies and other service providers, such as telecommunication businesses, student loan lenders, banks and educational institutes, notes EOS CCA. The collection agency uses the Debt Assignment Agreement to come to reasonable terms for a consumer handling her debt. The agency works within its legal means to contact the consumer and attempt to collect the debt.

The collection agency advises all consumers to not avoid its calls, as they can help settle the debt, says EOS CCA. The agency is good at working with consumers to come to an agreement for paying off the debt, whether it means paying less than the original debt or paying in multiple installments until it has been paid. They ask that consumers be honest with them about their financial situation so they can come to a compromise.

This receivables collection agency is able to provide consumers with different types of information needed for settling a debt, including payment status, details of the original loan or services contract, and how the penalties and interest is calculated, according to EOS CCA. Multiple payment options are accepted, including wire transfer through ACH, online payments, phone payments with a debit or credit card, or by sending a payment through the mail.

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