What Type of Companies Sell Hazmat Labels?

Companies that sell hazmat labels include label manufacturers, medical equipment companies, hazardous material companies and construction companies. The government provides a guide to labeling hazardous materials for transportation and storage, reports DOT.gov.

Labelmaster is a company that offers a wide variety of hazmat labels. Its labels include Hazard Classes 1 through 9, flammable solid, explosive and radioactive, which are available in blank, personalized, international wordless and worded formats. Designed with extra-strength adhesion, its hazmat labels do not fall off or fade, notes Labelmaster.com. The labels are also United States Department of Transportation compliant. In addition to standard-sized labels, Labelmaster offers mini labels and drum and cylinder labels. Customers who are unsure of what types of hazmat labels they need can use the online Label Finder to find the appropriate products for their business at Labelmaster.com.

Emedco provides other workplace safety products in addition to hazmat labels. Its hazmat label collection includes DOT material shipping and handling labels, explosive shipping labels, flammable liquid labels and regulated waste labels. The labels also meet material labeling requirements set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These labels ensure that companies meet Performance Oriented Packaging requirements in section 49CFR of the DOT's labeling policy, notes Emedco.com.