What Type of Chains Should You Use on a Farm Tractor Tire?

Double-ring tractor tire chains have a history of success in icy weather, and although they are the least expensive option when considering tractor tire chains, they are also the most recommended. Those planning to use their tractor off-road may find that H-pattern duo tractor tire chains provide them with better traction. For tractors to be used on hard surfaces, ladder tractor tire chains should be used.

To install tractor tire chains, first stretch them out to remove any tangles. Make sure any sharp or open hooks are positioned away from the tire. At the end of the chain, find the C-hook on the left and the bow lever on the right. Ensure the number of links on each side of the chain is even. Before proceeding, reconfirm that sharp and open hooks are facing away from the tire.

Drive the tractor tire over the chains. The bow lever should be on the outer side of the tire; the C-hook should fall on the inside. Continue driving until only a foot of chain is off the tire.

Hook the C-hook through the link at the opposite end of the chain. Insert the bow lever through the chain link at the front of the tire, and pull back to tighten the chains. Continue pulling the bow lever until it is past the link, and then hook it there. Properly placed chains fit snugly and fall in the center of the tire.