What Type of Careers Does Job Corps Offer?


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The United States Department of Labor's Job Corps does not offer jobs itself as the program prepares and transitions program participants for careers at its 125 nationwide centers through academic and vocational programs and helps them obtain social competencies and employability skills to enter into the job force, states the Job Corps. Job Corps offers participants a four-phase program that gets them ready for careers in a number of fields. The four phases include its outreach and admissions phase, career preparation period, career development period and career transition period where students find jobs in machine and automotive repair, hospitality, health care, manufacturing and other industries.

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During the outreach and admission process, Job Corp helps students learn more about the program and discusses what vocational offerings are available via the local Job Corps center; each center may have different opportunities for students. After the student is admitted, the career preparation period, which lasts for 60 days after admission, gives the student training in responsibility and job search skills, and the student practices job search skills and commits to a career plan, states the Job Corps.

During the career development period, the student practices for an industry-related job, learns academic and technical skills and prepares for independent living and the job search process away from the Job Corps campus, notes Job Corps. During the career transition period, Job Corp helps applicants get a job, find transportation and living accommodations and other resources.

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