What Type of Career Advancement Does Veolia Transdiv Offer?

What Type of Career Advancement Does Veolia Transdiv Offer?

Veolia Transdev provides a wide range of training opportunities for employees that can lead to career advancement. Training options include safety, customer service, call center, maintenance and supervisory/management training, with all programs developed and branded by Transdev. The training sessions teach employees about industry technology, trends and information.

Safety training at Transdev is designed to assist employees on improving their safety skills, which often leads to career advancement. The program includes DVDs, consultant-led sessions, exams and certifications. The program's primary focus is on driving with an emphasis on safety.

The customer service training program includes innovative, technology-driven training sessions to help improve employees' customer service skills and train those employees to be more friendly and helpful to both clients and other staff members. These employees are trained to give assistance to transit passengers and to handle challenging encounters fairly and calmly. Paratransit employees also receive extensive customer service training.

Call center training focuses on taking calls and dispatching vehicles. The program instructs employees on the proper use of available technology, as well as interacting with customers both in person and on the phone. The goal of the program is to hone employee skills to be a combination of technological expertise and interpersonal interaction.

For maintenance teams, the Veolia Technical Advancement Program (VTAP) is a training specifically designed for shop foremen and mechanics, with a focus on preventative maintenance in addition to ongoing maintenance and repairs. The training also includes components of people management.

Managers and supervisors also receive continued career development through the Veolia Management Advancement Program (VMAP). This targeted training focuses on conflict resolution, people management, change management, teamwork and effective hiring. The program also includes a harassment and discrimination training component.