What Type of Blades Does Fiskar Carry?


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Fiskars carries a wide selection of blades and cutting implements for use in gardening, home improvement and crafts, including scissors, sheers, axes and machetes. It also sells specialty devices with blades, such as paper trimmers, rotary cutters, gardening saws, tree pruners and weeders in addition to some related tools that do not have blades.

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The products available from Fiskars generally fall into categories according to usage environment, including indoor products, outdoor yard maintenance and crafting. Its selection of home improvement tools includes several varieties of axes, sheers and snips that function in common construction environments, along with standard claw hammers, sledge hammers and mauls. The company also offers special outdoor axes and sheers for use in gardening and yard maintenance, which includes small pairs to trim flowers and bushes as well as larger sheers and pruners to cut branches on trees. It also makes serrated blades and machetes for use in dealing with larger foliage projects, and replacement blades for some yard equipment machinery.

Its selection of crafts blades begins with scissors and sheers for use in cutting materials such as paper, fabric and cardboard. It also makes decorative scissors that cut unique patters into paper, hole punches in varying shapes and sizes, and rotary cutters for custom projects. It also makes a specialty line of safety scissors for children to use in crafts projects, which have protective coverings and special blade designs.

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