What Does Two Quarters Equal?

Two quarters equal 50 cents, or half a dollar. A single quarter is worth a quarter, or one-fourth, of a whole dollar and is, therefore, worth 25 cents.

The quarter was created as part of the Mint Act of 1972. The pictures on the quarter have changed several times. For almost 115 years, the heads side of the quarter was represented by Lady Liberty, and the tails side was represented by an eagle and the inscription "United States of America." On the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birthday in 1932, his head replaced Lady Liberty on the quarter. A colonial drummer replaced the eagle in 1976 as a celebration of the Bicentennial. Starting in 1999, the U.S. Mint imprinted a picture of each state on the tails side of the quarter as a part of the 50 State Quarters Program.