How Do You Find a Trustworthy Property Caretaker?


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To find a trustworthy property caretaker, get referrals, check their current work, interview multiple candidates and confirm certification and licensing. A good property manager is also experienced and organized.

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Referrals from local property owners and real estate agents are good ways to find trustworthy property managers. Ask if they have been happy with past management companies or managers and any problems encountered to get a good sense of what to expect. Check the manager’s reviews on sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Facebook and Yelp before arranging an interview.

If possible, visit current or past properties where the prospective property manager has worked. Interview the property owner and tenants and check the overall condition of the property. Other areas to consider include the time-frame for repairs, how complaints are addressed and monthly reports.

Next, arrange for interviews with several property managers to find the best candidate. Ask about their plans and knowledge of property management. Check the candidate’s responsiveness to questions about their experience, fees charged, education and their understanding of landlord-tenant law.

Lastly, ask for certification and licensing. Property managers are typically required to have a property management license or real estate broker’s license to operate. Ensure that the current license is active by checking with the Real Estate Commission or other relevant licensing or governing bodies.

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