What Does Trupanion Pet Insurance Cover?


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As of 2015, Trupanion pet insurance policies reimburse 90 percent of covered expenses for veterinary care related to an injured or sick pet, according to Trupanion. The company uses the actual amounts of a veterinarian's charges to calculate reimbursements. Policy reimbursements cover medication, hospitalization, diagnostic testing and surgery. Other coverage includes emergency veterinary hospital care, orthotic and prosthetic devices, and congenital and hereditary disorders.

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When a veterinarian prescribes pet foods and supplements as part of a treatment for illness or injury, the pet insurance policy covers 50 percent of the prescription costs for up to two months, explains Trupanion. A pet owner must purchase the foods and supplements through the prescribing veterinarian to receive reimbursement under a policy.

Policyholders can choose lifetime per incident deductibles ranging from zero to $1,000, notes Trupanion. All future costs related to the specific incident qualify for coverage when policyholders meet their deductibles.

Trupanion pet insurance policies do not cover exam fees and sales taxes, explains the company. Policy coverage does not include vaccinations, spaying, neutering, parasite control and other preventive treatments. Trupanion policies do not cover routine pet wellness care or pre-existing conditions, and exclude therapeutic treatment alternatives unless a pet owner adds riders for the coverage before the pet develops the condition that needs an alternative treatment.

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