What Are Some Trucking Companies With Bad Reviews?

What Are Some Trucking Companies With Bad Reviews?

Eagle Motor Lines, Swift, Moskowitz Motor Transportation, Dedicated Delivery Professionals and DMC Trucking are some of the companies with bad reviews. The bad reviews are from customers and drivers and are available to read at TheTruckersReport.com and RipoffReport.com.

The bad review of Eagle Motor Lines asserts that the company makes drivers falsify logs so as to violate rules about hours of service. Former drivers for Swift accuse the company of owning shoddy equipment, refusing to reimburse drivers for toll fees, and telling drivers to lie on logs.

Former and current employees of Moskowitz Motor Transportation allege that the company reneges on its benefits packages, does not pay overtime, and occasionally does not deliver its freight. The poor review of Dedicated Delivery Professionals at RipoffReport.com suggests that the trucking company's customer service is unacceptable.

The review of DMC Trucking concerns a former driver who worked overtime, did not get paid for it, and somehow ended up owing the company for a mysterious, unfounded reason.

TheTruckersReport.com routinely publishes company warnings on its website, an online community that provides information and support for truckers. TheTruckersReport.com generally issues a company warning after following up on a bad review about a trucking company, and each bad review accompanies any corresponding items published in the news.

Occasionally, TheTruckersReport.com publishes company warnings that correlate to similar warnings published at RipoffReport.com. Bad reviews about trucking companies at RipoffReport.com are often unfiltered and deeply personal. RipoffReport.com allows maligned parties to post rebuttals, do damage control by setting the record straight, or file a new report.