How Do You Get Into Truck Driver School?

How Do You Get Into Truck Driver School?

Truck driving schools require applicants to hold a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Schooling consists of theoretical learning modules along with practical or hands-on training. Programs last three to six months and are available at community colleges and CDL training institutions.

  1. Locate a truck driving school

    Contact local community colleges to determine truck driver training availability. If no such program exists, ask for school recommendations. Programs are also offered by institutions that only handle truck driving training. Some truck driving companies, including C.R. England and Swift Transportation, offer in-house training programs.

  2. Check eligibility requirements

    Enrollment requirements vary by training institution. Generally, school applicants must be at least 21 years old, hold a clean driving record, pass a drug screen, meet or exceed physical examination requirements, pass a criminal background investigation, and provide personal identification documents.

  3. Apply for school admittance

    Enrollment applications generally require contact information, previous employment records and tuition fee payment. Truck driving schools sponsored by an employing company, such as Schneider, provide tuition reimbursement upon employment with that company.

  4. Obtain CDL certification

    Long-haul truck drivers are required by federal and state law to obtain a CDL certification upon successful completion of a truck driver program. Certification is performed and overseen by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The CDL exam consists of two parts: a written knowledge exam and a hands-on driving test.