How Do You Find a Truck Driver for Your Company?


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Truck driver recruiting involves creating a job ad that includes key skills and requirements your company desires in a company driver. Your company must also provide reasons that make it a good place to work. Study the local market for truck drivers, and then create job descriptions that appeal directly to your ideal truck driver. Open up the hiring process to attract a broader range of job candidates such as women, minorities and veterans.

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Common skills that companies look for in truck drivers include compliance with traffic laws and regulations, driving flexibility, good communication, basic math and mechanical aptitude. Your company might also prefer candidates who are able to quickly adapt to technology such as truck monitoring systems. Good company truck drivers are often team players who get along well with staff and dispatchers. However, finding the right person for the job means looking beyond an existing network of known acquaintances.

Familiarity does not mean a person is the best choice for the job. You should seek someone who is the best fit for your company, and this person may be not be the stereotypical truck driver. To attract better candidates your company can hold special events such as an open house. This type of event allows potential job applicants to meet company staff and seasoned drivers, and become familiar with your company in a casual setting.

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