How Do You Troubleshoot a Hydro Flame Furnace?


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To troubleshoot a Hydro Flame RV furnace, first ensure that there is enough voltage to operate the blower motor. Test the voltage using a multi-meter; 10.5 volts are adequate to power the motor. The Hydro Flame furnace requires unobstructed airflow into the side of the furnace cabinet. Check the return air intake openings and remove any obstructions. Clean air intake openings also reduce the chance of fire and can help prevent blower motor burnout.

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Like the intake openings, the exhaust vent must also be clear of obstructions. Trash, mouse or bird nests, and lint can accumulate in the vent and should be removed for optimal performance. Another source of potential trouble for the Hydro Flame furnace is a faulty circuit board. Check the circuit board for loose or damaged wiring, and clean all electrical connections. Using a circuit board tester, and test the board's power, spark, lamp, sense and valve.

Use the diagnostic LED chart inside the exterior access cover of the furnace to ascertain whether it is necessary to reset the thermostat or shut off power to the unit. The LED flashes a certain number of times to indicate a particular problem. For example, if the Hydro Flame is experiencing ignition failure, the LED flashes twice, and the system attempts to correct the problem itself. Four flashes indicate a malfunctioning sail switch, which requires manual shutdown and repair of the problem.

Users should always turn off power to the unit before servicing it. They should not draw power from a battery charger while testing the furnace. A trained RV furnace technician should be employed to repair, maintain and service the furnace regularly.

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