What Are Some Trillium Community Health Insurance Plans?

As of December 2015, Trillium Community health insurance plans include Medicare Advantage Health Plans, Oregon Health Plan and plans for individuals, families and small businesses, according to Trillium's website. Trillium offers both HMO, PPO, vision and dental plan options for Medicare.

HMO choices include a plan with no prescription benefits, a plan for people eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, plan for individuals in long-term care facilities, and a general plan covering both medical care and prescriptions, Trillium explains. PPO Medicare options are available whether or not participants use Medicare Part D.

The Oregon Health Plan is for low-income residents of the state, reports Trillium. Benefits include physician visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, dental care and mental health services. Assistance is available for addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. In addition, OHP helps with glasses, hearing aids, medical equipment, home health care and medical transportation.

Trillium provides health insurance options for individuals and families as part of the federal health insurance Marketplace, Trillium states. Enrollment is also available directly through the company. Within each approach, benefits are the same, but plans vary by premium costs and out-of-pocket expenses. Both Marketplace options and Trillium plans are offered for small business coverage and dental care plans, as well.