What Are Some Tricks for Preventing Telemarketing Calls?

Some tricks to prevent telemarketing calls include not hanging up immediately, not engaging the telemarketer in conversation, not getting angry and joining the National Do Not Call Registry. All of these strategies cut down on telemarketing calls significantly.

While many people’s initial reaction to a telemarketing call is to hang up immediately, this is not actually the best strategy, because it gives the telemarketer incentive to call back again. Telemarketers designate individuals who hang up immediately as “no answer,” which results in further calls until someone actually stays on the line. Similarly, hanging up in the middle of the phone call often results in further calls, because telemarketers classify the call as “disconnected.” It’s also important not to get angry and yell at the telemarketer, as this may cause them to keep a phone number in the calling pool as a kind of retaliation.

The best strategy for dealing with telemarketers is not to engage them in any way and firmly ask to be removed from their call list. Do not ask questions or offer any kind of explanation, as this gives telemarketers further opportunities to prolong the conversation. Simply ask to be placed on the company’s Do Not Call list until the telemarketer agrees.

Another useful step to cut down on telemarketing calls is to sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry. This online service allows users to cut down on telemarketing calls simply by entering a phone number and an email address.