What Is TRICARE For Life Coverage?


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The TRICARE For Life health plan is a supplement to Medicare coverage, as explained by TRICARE. Individuals must have both Medicare Part A and Part B, as well as meet additional qualifications, in order to receive TRICARE For Life coverage.

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TRICARE For Life is available for the following groups: uniformed service members, National Guard or Reserve members, Medal of Honor recipients and those registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, reports TRICARE. Family members, survivors and former spouses of eligible service members can also be eligible for TRICARE For Life.

In order to receive TRICARE For Life, individuals must be eligible for the coverage and pay Medicare Part B premiums. There are no enrollment fees as of April 2015, and a separate enrollment in TRICARE For Life is not required, as the coverage is considered automatic for those that have both Medicare Part A and Part B.

After a visit to a medical service provider, claims are first submitted to Medicare. Medicare must pay its portion of service fees, and then TRICARE then pays the service provider for covered services. Consumers do have the option to choose their medical service providers, but there may be a higher out-of-pocket cost associated with out-of-network providers.

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