What Are Some Trendy Boutique Names?

Outfit Outpost, Cover Me Black, Love and Lace, Bohotique, and Blitz and Glitz are examples of trendy boutique names. Boutique names should reflect the type of boutique or the clothes that the owner stocks in her store.

Business owners should choose names that represents the types of clothes they sell, whether it is evening wear, bridal wear, swimwear or formal wear. Examples include Discover Vintage and Urban Bride. Names can also point to a factor that makes the boutique special or unique. For example, the name Elegante Boutique indicates that the store stocks elegant clothes.

The business owner can include her own name, as in Jane's Jeans or Carol's Boutique. She could also choose a unique and creative name for her boutique, such as Love and Whiskey. The name can also include the demographic the boutique owner is targeting, such as Teenage, Foxy Mama or Womanly Wow.

Business owners can also incorporate fashion terms that describe the items they sell in the boutique. Sole Mate is a trendy name for a boutique that sells shoes, while The Sparkle Store is a trendy name for a jewelry boutique. They can also add some trendy French words in the name, for example Tres Chic or Fashion du Jour. Boutique owners should play around with the words to come up with a combination that they like.