What Trees Bring the Best Logging Prices?


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Large, top-quality Black Cherry trees command a higher price than Sweetgum trees as pulpwood, according to the United States Forest Service. Timber growing close to several mills brings a higher price than timber that requires long-distance transportation.

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What Trees Bring the Best Logging Prices?
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State and regional prices vary; however, the price of timber is greatly dependent on local market conditions. The price of a timber stand isbased on the species, size and quality of the trees. Pricing will vary depending on how much timber is sold in one sale and the amount of harvesting during the season. The larger the sale for the season, the higher the price of the wood. Cost also is tied to the amount of trees selected for harvest. A smaller harvest can cost more and yield a smaller return than a greater harvest, which is more economical as a return on an investment, as noted by the U.S. Forest Service.

The condition of the site will affect the price a timber buyer is willing to pay for the harvest. The cost of removing trees, the nearest road, the slope of the land, wetness of the soil and if the buyer needs to build a temporary bridge over a stream all gointo the negotiations. Buyers build many operational costs into a harvest beyond the type or species of timber.

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