How Do You Treat a Rash Caused by Detergent?


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Initial treatments to clear the rash include application of moisturizers, topical steroids and using antibiotics if the inflammation becomes infected, states Patient.co.uk. Rinsing repeatedly to remove detergent from laundry is also helpful, says Stain-removal-101.com. However, the primary cure for a rash caused by detergent is to avoid the substance.

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The main cure for rashes caused due to detergents is to avoid the offering substance altogether, explains Stain-removal-101.com. This implies switching to hypoallergenic detergents and using detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes, since it is these ingredients that are the usual cause of allergic reactions and symptoms such as rash. Using less detergent may also be beneficial.

To get rid of the rash caused by detergents, application of moisturizers and topical steroids is useful as these clear inflammation, states Patient.co.uk. Moisturizers can be used as frequently as needed and sometimes can also act as soap substitutes until the rash clears. Topical steroids should be applied only until the rash exists. Usually, a short course of topical steroid application, typically lasting less than four weeks, is sufficient to clear the rash. However, if the inflammation becomes infected, use of an antibiotic may be necessary.

If steroid treatment also does not offer relief, a skin specialist may prescribe other medications such as tacrolimus cream, ciclosporin and azathioprine, reports Patient.co.uk. Ultraviolet light exposure along with psoralen medication may also be recommended.

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