What Does a Travel Agent Do?

travel-agent Credit: Margo Silver/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Travel agents plan and book trips for their clients, whether the client is a single person taking a solo vacation or a large corporate group travelling for a workplace retreat. Travel agents exist to simplify the complexities of planning a trip for clients. Rather than the client having to analyze and plan each segment of a trip, from airline schedules, hotel reservations, and transportation or rental cars, the client has to simply relate to the agent what he wants, when he wants to travel, how many people are going and what the budget is. The travel agent takes care of the rest.

Travel agents do more than just book a trip for clients. The agent researches the destination; finds the best deals possible for her clients; locates the best accommodations, tours and restaurants possible within the client's price point; and provides any necessary travel information to the client. This information includes what travel documents, such as passports and visas, are necessary; what emergency services are available in case of illness; and whether it is advisable to carry travel insurance. Travel agents also serve as the client's point of contact throughout the trip. If a reservation is lost, the car rental company gives poor service or the client misses a flight, the travel agent handles all of the issues and rescheduling necessary.