How Do Trash Removal Companies Make Money?

Trash removal companies, often called Waste Management, have various means of making money, though perhaps the most common is through trash removal contracts. Cities and other municipalities, as well as private companies such as apartment buildings and businesses, pay companies to remove garbage. In the case of municipal collecting, this is usually paid for through fees or taxes assessed to residents who take advantage of such removal.

In addition to everyday trash removal, many companies offer specialized services, including hazardous chemicals and e-waste. Due to their often dangerous and dirty requirements, as well as increased government regulation for their proper disposal, these materials bring relatively higher profits to the companies who process them.

Smaller businesses can also make money through trash removal. In particular, the business of hauling junk to city dumps is often dirty and cumbersome work, and people are happy to pay others to accomplish this for them. Further, some junk haulers make additional money by taking scrap metal items such as cars, furniture and old machinery to scrap yards, where they are paid for the metal and other valuable components within the junk. Recycling offers similar opportunities to make money, particularly in states with mandatory bottle deposits.