How Do You Transfer U.S. Airways Dividend Miles?

U.S. Airways dividend miles are now part of the American Airlines bonus program as a result of the 2013 merger of the two companies. In the transfer, miles are rated equally between the airlines. Customers have the same amount of miles in their new Advantage accounts as they did previously.

The American Airlines Advantage program is similar to that of the Dividend Miles program that was previously offered by U.S. Airways. Customers accumulate miles every time they fly with American Airlines or one of its partner companies, and they exchange those miles for free or discounted airline tickets as well as other travel benefits and perks.

The Advantage program does not have blackout dates. This means that if a seat is available on the desired flight, customers are able to use their Advantage miles to book the seat. For those customers willing to be more flexible with their travel, it is possible to book seats for fewer miles on flights that tend to be less crowded. Frequent travelers also qualify for the three-tiered, elite-level program that provides extra services and upgrades. Those customers who do not know their new American Airlines Advantage customer number can contact U.S. Airways or American Airlines.