How Do You Transfer a Property Title?

Transferring a property deed generally requires a lawyer to create a new title in the names of the new title holders. To do so, the lawyer needs the names of the new owners of the property, the legal physical description of the property and the signature of the current holder.

Property title transfers are often made to a business as capital, to a trust or to a relative. To transfer a deed to a business, the lawyer handling the transfer needs an article of incorporation or a certificate of formation for the corporation to complete the transfer. For transfer to a trust, an abstract of trust or a certificate of trust is necessary. A transfer to a relative, however, only requires the filing of a quitclaim deed listing the current owner and the new owner. If a co-owner on the title has died, then proof of death is required to allow transfer of the property.

In many cases, the title transfer requires the signature of one or more witnesses as well as a notary public to be legally recognized. The new title is then filed with the county recorder's office where the property is located. Once the recorder files the new title, an official copy is mailed to all affected parties.