How Do I Transfer Money Using BBVA Bancomer Services?

BBVA Bancomer money transfer services are available at any BBVA Compass bank branch. To initiate a transfer, a valid ID and the name and address of the person receiving the transfer is required. Information on how and where the money will be received, in cash or as a direct deposit into an account, is necessary to complete the transfer transaction.

To initiate a transfer, the customer must go in person to a BBVA bank. Locations of BBVA banks can be found on the bank website by putting in a local zip code.

Valid identification of the person making the transfer as well as the person receiving the money is required. Customers using BBVA Compass bank accounts can choose to send money from their account or can arrange to send cash. When the transfer is being made, the option for whether the beneficiaries to receive a deposit or pick up cash is also determined, according to BBVA Compass.

Once the transfer is processed the money is available to the recipient the same day. If the money is deposited into a bank account, it is available through the bank's ATM network within 24 hours from when the transfer was made.

Fees for the service are paid by the person making the transfer.