How Do You Transfer Money to an Inmate?

How Do You Transfer Money to an Inmate?

The easiest way to send money to an inmate in a Federal Bureau of Prisons-managed facility is by using Western Union's Quick Collect Program. Western Union can be used online, in person or by phone.

Sending money through Western Union is the fastest, safest way to get money to an inmate in a BOP-managed facility, and in most cases, it is in their trust account the same day.

  1. Wait until the inmate arrives
  2. Once the inmate has physically arrived to a BOP facility, money can be deposited in his commissary account. The Federal Bureau of Prisons website offers a "Locate Inmate Whereabouts" feature that can be used to ensure that the inmate has physically arrived at a specific prison.

  3. Log into Western Union
  4. To begin sending money, log into the Western Union website. Users who do not have an account should register for one before proceeding.

  5. Choose the "Money in minutes" option
  6. This option is the fastest way to transfer money

  7. Enter information
  8. In the spaces provided, enter the recipient's details. Be sure to fill in each applicable box.

  9. Choose the amount and make the payment
  10. Pay the required amount using a U.S. issued credit or debit card. Those sending money can also pay using a bank account that is linked to a Western Union account.

  11. Look for the confirmation email
  12. Senders will receive a confirmation email containing a tracking number. This number, called a MTCN number, should be kept until the money is received.

Fees for this service vary, depending on the location and amount sent. Be sure to check with Western Union to find out the fees and how long it takes for the money to arrive to the inmate.

Money can also be sent to prisoners incarcerated in BOP facilities via MoneyGram and the United States Postal Service.