How Do You Transfer an FHA Case Number?


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FHA case number transfers are done with assistance from the original lender, and if you are responsible for making the transfer, you must initiate a case transfer using the case transfer function provided by the Federal Housing Authority, notes FHANewsBlog.com. Lenders conduct transfers using the FHA Connection online system.

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Lenders using the case transfer function sometimes experience problems with the transfer. Sometimes, you may get an access denied message, which means your user ID isn't set up properly, states FHA Connection. This problem can be resolved by contacting the FHA Connection application coordinator. Another problem is case number rejection, which happens when someone else at the originating loan company has already submitted a transfer request. You can easily verify this by using the case query function to search for the originating sponsor name attached to the case number.

Sometimes, an FHA case number cannot be transferred due to lack of lender ID approval by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. You must contact the lender to resolve the matter, according to FHA Connection. FHA case numbers can only be transferred between two borrowers in regards to home purchases, claims Metroplex Mortgage Services. FHA rules allow loan borrowers to switch lenders and transfer case numbers without penalty, notes FHANewsBlog.com.

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