How Do You Transfer a Deed to a Home?


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To transfer the deed to a house, hire a real estate attorney to prepare a new deed, and sign the deed he prepares, recommends Realtor.com. To complete the transfer, the attorney files the deed at the county recorderメs office.

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If the owner sells the property, a new deed transfers ownership to the new owner. Other reasons for the transfer include the death of one of the owners, transferring the property to a trust, or passing the property from a parent to a child, according to Realtor.com.

When transferring a deed between family members, a quitclaim deed is sometimes an option. The quitclaim deed is a simple property transfer that often does not require the services of an attorney; however, if the property is mortgaged, the finance company often requires the new owner to obtain his own loan before it agrees to the transfer, Realtor.com indicates.

Documents for the transfer of a deed require the services of a notary when signing the deed. The notary signs and stamps the document so that it becomes legally binding. Some states require the signature of additional witnesses on documents that transfer the deed to a house, according to Realtor.com. After recording the deed, the new owner typically receives his copy of the deed in four to six weeks.

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