How Do You Transfer a Credit for Celcom?

Consumers can transfer credits for Celcom using the company's Credit Share service. This service allows consumers to transfer credits via SMS text messaging after registering for Airtime Transfer Share via SMS. The service offers the ability to send one time transfers or to schedule recurring transfers.

To transfer Celcom credits in amounts ranging from RM1 to RM10, consumers first need to open an SMS message and type RM followed by the amount. This message is then sent to the prepaid number of the recipient with a one preceding the prepaid number. For transfers that range from RM11 to RM25 consumers need to create an SMS message followed by typing RM with the amount they wish to send, a space and then their password. This message is also sent to the recipient's prepaid number with a one preceding the prepaid number.

Consumers can also schedule Celcom credit transfers for amounts that are more than RM10. To do so, consumers have to type "sch" followed by week or month followed by the amount and the password in a new SMS message and send this message to the recipient's prepaid phone number, with a one preceding the prepaid number. As of April 2015, there are no fees to schedule a transfer, but a fee of RM0.50 is assessed for each completed transfer.

The Celcom Credit Share service also allows consumers to request transfers from other users. To do so consumers have to enter RQ space amount in a new SMS message and send this number to the prepaid or postpaid number of the person they are requesting the transfer from.