How Do You Take Free Transcription Training Online?

People who want to take free transcription training online can take courses offered by Meditec, and the eLearn Medical Transcription course. Although these resources can help someone develop some of the needed skills to become a medical transcriptionist, some postsecondary education formal training is usually required, notes

As of 2015, Meditec offers a free mini course as well as an aptitude test for students to measure their medical transcription skills. The course includes a medical transcription overview and lessons in the grammar and punctuation of medical terminology. It also includes a sample section of a medical report to proofread and quizzes covering the joints and spine. The mini course requires a PDF reader and the ability to play MP3 audio. offers transcription students a 13-learning-module course. Registration is not required to take the course, notes the official site. The course covers human anatomy and physiology lessons, diagnostic test descriptions and grammar tips. Other available features include lists of surgical instruments, clinical signs and medical eponyms. The course has nearly 1,000 minutes of dictation and taking the course requires a PDF reader and media player.

eLearn's Medical Transcription course outlines the basic skills and terminology necessary to work in the transcription field. It has text-based medical lectures and English usage lessons as well as medical report samples. It covers some specialty medical procedures and human anatomy along with guidelines for reporting vital signs, patient age and proper names. Completing the course requires a PDF reader, word processing program and media player.