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The Transamerica Corporation offers mutual funds and variable annuities as investment products, reports Bloomberg. These investment options are available for individuals as well as financial professionals who wish to offer the products to their clients, according to Transamerica's official website.

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Variable annuities are long-term, tax-deferred investment options that pay an investor during retirement, explains CNN. The overall performance of a customer's chosen investments determines the amount paid.

Transamerica offers nine variable annuities that vary in surrender charge schedules and fee structures, the company reports. Their variable annuities products include the B-Share, X-Share, L-Share, O-Share and C-Share, among others.

Mutual funds are investment products that pool the assets of multiple participants and allow the companies that issue these funds to handle the money on behalf of their investors. Investing in a mutual fund makes it simple for customers to diversify their investments in stocks, bonds and other alternatives without needing to make separate trades, according to CNN.

Transamerica has multiple mutual funds separated into diverse asset classes. These asset classes include U.S. equity, global equity, asset allocation, hybrid allocation and fixed income. Several specialized funds fall under each asset class. Potential investors can also view mutual funds by subadvisor. Transamerica oversees a team of portfolio managers who handle the mutual funds and make use of varied investment strategies to further the growth of their investors' assets, notes the company.

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