What Training Is Required for Delivery Drivers?


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The specific training requirements for delivery driver jobs vary between companies, though most include courses that cover basic vehicle operation, safe driving practices and general vehicle maintenance. Some jobs may also require a commercial driver's license as well as hazardous materials training.

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What Training Is Required for Delivery Drivers?
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The bulk of training for most delivery truck driver jobs focuses on how to handle the specific vehicle in question, including compliance with any applicable state or country driving laws. This type of driver training typically begins by teaching the methods for operating the truck, how to shift gears and the methods for utilizing any additional features such as rear doors or loading ramps. The training also covers how to safely reverse the vehicle and how to maneuver through tight spaces without damaging the truck or surrounding cars.

The training also focuses on defensive driving techniques and how to handle the truck during various weather conditions, such as snow or rain. Some states require delivery truck drivers to possess a commercial driver's license, which carries additional procedure knowledge and driving tests. Though there is also a special commercial driver's license certification for handling hazardous materials, many companies also include additional training on the correct procedures. Additionally, it is common for companies to include training on internal package tracking software, as well as unique procedures for carrying and loading packages.

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