What Is a Training Matrix?

A training matrix is a spreadsheet or related visual organization of competencies required by a given position and the competencies currently possessed by staff in those positions. These matrices allow organizations to assess how to move forward with training programs and initiatives.

A training matrix shows group skills alongside needed skills. This provides, within the limits of the matrix’s comprehensiveness and overall quality, a clear path for progress within a company or group. It incorporates entries and keys for each individual within a given group or further subdivided into departments, then compares keys against required entries to determine where training is needed.

Training budgets can be exhaustive when new skills are required. Determining what masteries are already present in a workforce is one prong of the approach that training matrices develop through their implementation. The second prong is determining conclusively which skills are needed. Once these things are known, the most efficient plan can be chosen and acted upon.

The training matrix is a valuable tool both because of its potential for boosting efficiency and because of the knowledge that it provides managers. It can produce information that is usable in future matrices and can make the process of organizing a company internally much more approachable and easy.