Is There Training Available for Aspiring Freelance Copywriters?

training-available-aspiring-freelance-copywriters Credit: massimo colombo/E+/Getty Images

Sites that offer online training for aspiring copywriters include the Blackford Center for Copywriting and CopyHackers. The Blackford Center offers general copywriter training, while CopyHackers shows writers how to use their skills to find work.

The Blackford Center offers online courses that cover all the basics of copywriting, including SEO content, commercial writing and ad copy. Professional copywriters teach the course, sharing their own experience with students. The online course offers a range of interactive lessons and substantial feedback from instructors.

CopyHackers offers free tips and suggestions for writers to begin marketing themselves and finding freelance work. The site includes information on setting up an online portfolio, pitching ideas, building up a client base and finding a productive niche. Users can also purchase digital books from the site sharing more tips for building a successful copywriting career.