What Are Train Driver Training Courses?


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Train driver training courses may include a series of instructional classes and exams from the rail company to teach the new driver about safety rules and regulations, how to operate the train and the proper procedure during various events or disasters. Train drivers may also receive specific post-secondary education that results in official certification in the operation of various types of trains.

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Many rail companies do not require a significant amount of prior training for new train drivers, known as operators, though some prior work experience within the industry is typically helpful. Once the applicant obtains the job, the company typically enrolls her in a series of training courses wherein she learns about the various aspects of train operation, starting with the controls. These courses typically cover the different instruments in the conductor's compartment, followed by a safety course to demonstrate proper practices. The courses also focus on compliance with different state and federal safety laws.

Some companies may require applicants to possess certification in train operation from a vocational school or other educational institution. These courses often cover the same topics as new employee training, focusing on how to handle the controls of the train and the different safety practices for regular usage and special circumstances. Most courses focus on a specific class of train, such as passenger trains or freight trains, with some also focusing on a specific line or model.

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