How Do You Train to Become a Delivery Truck Driver?


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Individuals who wish to become delivery truck drivers can train for a commercial driver's license by going through company driver training, or by taking a CDL driver training course from a certified truck driving school. Driver training prepares aspiring truck drivers for the Department of Motor Vehicles CDL exam.

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A commercial driver's license is a mandatory requirement for driving a commercial delivery truck and other types of commercial vehicles including buses and cement trucks. While some companies offer driver training to new employees, many companies expect new drivers to have training and appropriate licensing.

The two types of CDL licenses for truck driving are class A CDL and class B CDL. Driving a large truck carrying cargo that weighs over 10,000 pounds requires a class A license, while vehicles carrying under 10,000 pounds require a class B license. Most delivery truck drivers need a class B CDL license to qualify for the job.

Prospective truck drivers must take the DMV CDL licensing exam in their state of residence. The rigorous exam involves answering numerous written test questions before hopping in the truck for a three-part examination of road driving skills. Truck driver training requires dedication to learning the truck driving lifestyle and a lot of practice.

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