How Do You Train to Become a Butcher?


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Training to become a butcher involves completing a high school diploma and gaining experience. Other than the experience and educational requirements, a butcher must possess skills such as the ability to coordinate the eyes and hands properly, ability to handle sharp tools with caution, and ability to withstand prolonged hours of standing while working, which are essential for the job.

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Although a high school diploma qualifies an individual to work as a butcher, completing a certificate program in fields such as meat science readies an aspiring butcher for employment by enhancing his knowledge and skills. Some of the courses that the program may cover include meat industry technology, meat evaluation, meat animal processing, breeding and nutrition. Other topics may include meat inspection and slaughtering techniques.

Experience, just like the certificate program, is crucial because it enhances employment chances. This is because some employers may prefer working with only job applicants who possess experience. Gaining experience may involve working as a meat cutter under supervision of a butcher. Alternatively, an aspiring butcher can gain experience by working as an intern in a meat processing plant.

A butcher is a person who works in a butcher shop, meat industry or grocery store. His duties, among others, include cutting and packing meat for customer, and maintaining meat knives. Butchers also have a responsibility of maintaining health standards in their working environment to ensure that the meat they hand is safe for human consumption.

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