How Do You Train for Basic ECG Interpretation?


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You can learn the electrocardiography skills needed to interpret an electrocardiogram (ECG) either online or at an institution, such as a hospital or university. It is advisable to understand the principles behind ECG generation to be able to interpret an ECG fully, as the latter requires a clear and step-by-step approach.

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The tools to cultivate the basic skills needed for ECG interpretation are available on different online platforms. PractiseClinicalSkills.com is a platform you can use to train for basic ECG interpretation. For those in the health care profession, enrolling in paid online courses and completing an exam at the end of the course may be a more suitable choice. The American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Idaho State University offer this kind of courses. Emergency Medical Consultants offer an entry-level course that you can choose to complete at various venues.

The majority of the basic courses available start with a short introductory course that includes the fundamental ECG principles, followed by a clear algorithm to interpret an ECG. Usually, the course ends with practicing on several ECGs to cement the newly learned skills. For example, the standard procedure used by University of Utah comprises multiple steps, which include measurements, rhythm analysis, conduction analysis, ECG conclusion of interpretation and comparison with a previous ECG.

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