How Do You Track a Western Union Money Transfer?

Western Union offers three separate Web pages to track a money transfer, according to the company's website. Each portion of the company's website has different ways to track the money transfer from one individual to another.

One tracking method involves four sets of information, notes Western Union. Users select whether they are the sender or receiver of the money transfer. The next bit of data requires the money transfer control number or the sender's phone number. Next, individuals select the receiver's country from a drop-down menu, and countries are listed in alphabetical order from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Users then input the money for the exact amount and then select a currency type from a drop-down menu.

Another method requires three types of information, says the Western Union website. Users simply input the money transfer control number, sender's first name and sender's last name. Individuals then click on Check Status to find out the status of the money transfer.

A third process uses the money transfer control number and the information from the sender or receiver, according to Western Union. Users input either the sender's first and last name or the receiver's first and last name to track a money transfer.