How Do You Track Shipments With Southeastern Freight?

How Do You Track Shipments With Southeastern Freight?

Customers may track Southeastern Freight Lines shipments online or by telephone. The company's main Support Center telephone numbers are 800-637-7335 and 803-794-7300. The website for Southeastern Freight Lines is

To track a shipment online, enter the shipment's Pro Number in the Tracing box on the left hand side of the company's main webpage. Enter one number per line for a maximum of 10 entries. If the Pro Number is unavailable, click the Click for More Tracing Options link located directly under the Tracing box.

From the Tracing webpage, choose a method of inquiry by clicking on the button next to the correct option. Search options include national partners/interline pro number, pickup request number, quote number, bill of lading number, purchase order number and customer's special/reference number. After selecting the reference number enter either the shipper or consignee's ZIP code in the Zip Code box.

Enter the reference number associated with the selected method of inquiry into the Reference Numbers box on the right hand side of the Tracing webpage. Enter only one reference number per line for a maximum of 10 entries. Click the Submit Trace button.

Submit email inquiries to To find out shipment status from either the shipping or receiving local terminal, click on the Contact Us link at the top of the main webpage and scroll down to the Service Centers listings. Locate the correct terminal and click on the relevant email link to send an email or call the telephone number listed for the terminal.