How Do You Track a Shipment With NEMF Freight Tracking?

track-shipment-nemf-freight-tracking Credit: Tom Paiva Photography/Blend Images/Getty Images

Companies who rely on New England Motor Freight to move packages can track their shipments using the Fast Track form on the company's homepage. Users need to enter the eight-digit code provided at the time of shipment to receive useful information about its whereabouts.

New England Motor Freight simplifies tracking a package with its Fast Track system. Entering the eight-digit tracking number gives users access to the status of the shipment and the name of the person who received it if the driver delivers it before a user checks the system. The date of arrival or the time of the last update displays on the screen, and the tracking number also provides the name of the freight terminal consigner and the date of consignment.

In many cases, additional details including the contact numbers of the terminal or shipper and the full history of the shipment are available as links on the Fast Track results page. These provide a step-by-step view of the time it took the package to travel between locations and a current timestamp for where the package should be in the transit system. This span could include long periods of time between the date of notification and the time of pickup if shippers provide advance notification.