How Do You Track Royal Mail?

The Royal Mail website allows letters and parcels to be traced through the site's Track and Trace feature. It is available for select forms of delivery that provide you with a shipping reference number. In order to trace a Royal Mail shipment, it is imperative that you have this number handy.

  1. Navigate to the tracking feature within the Royal Mail website

    Visit From the navigation menu, click on Track Your Item. This takes you to the package tracking section of the website.

  2. Find your reference number

    Items that can be tracked on Royal Mail come with a reference number. This is located on the postal receipt. Depending on the type of delivery service that was used, it can be labeled as either a barcode number or reference number. If you are tracking a package that was sent to you, you must first obtain the Royal Mail reference number from the sender.

  3. Enter the reference number

    In the area of the webpage labeled "Enter your reference number," type the reference number of the package that you are tracking. Click on the red Track Item button. This sends you to a secure page that lists the delivery status of your package.